Saturday, March 10, 2012

European Spring? The Irish people are close to breaking point

After 4 years of cut backs and austerity many have been surprised by the lack of mass protests in Ireland. However the Irish are a stoical lot and can suck it up with the best of them.
YET there comes a time when they say enough is enough. With a very small police force and army Ireland is a ticking time-bomb awaiting a coherent voice of opposition that is not being provided by the far right Opus Dei Brit loving Declan Ganley nor Her Majesty's ministers of Sinn Fein nor Occupy nor any other group existing now.

However if the voice comes even fragmented: then Ireland will lead the European Spring and the people of Ireland, who still have the power to do so will resist and sweep away their idle public representatives, acquiescent unions, and others who have supped too long at the cosy table of power to oblivion.

The Irish people are at breaking point and soon the Irish people will find an articulation in a message and they will resist and they will prevail.

The future is too grim for too many to bare when the correct call comes you will smell that gasoline smell: that smells like victory.

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