Monday, March 12, 2012

Paris Streets renamed Impasse Sarkozy Ancien President 2007-2012

Paris streets are rapidly being renamed Impasse Sarkozy in a predictive campaign. The renaming stickers note Sarkozy was a former president of France from 2007-2012.

Today Sarko in a key note speech designed to appeal to the far right Front Nationale, of the Le Pen dynasty, said he would renegotiate and restrict the Schengen Treaty on free movement of people in Europe. This was despite his campaign last week claiming that Francois Hollande was naive for vowing to renegotiate European treaties such as the far right one on a fiscal compact that will impoverish European citizens for decades and bring decline not growth.

Own goal Sarkozy. France is laughing at you.

The embattled incumbent also displayed his "chip on shoulder" tendencies by impetuously declaring last week he would leave politics if he was not re elected . If he disrecpects his former voters thus why should anyone vote for him now? Petulance in the face of defeat is hardly a recommendation for any "leader".

Nicolas save yourself two months and resign now. You will not be reelected so why wait for further humiliation.

Carla will probably still love you as a civilian :)

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