Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saved by Al Qaeda? Is Sarkozy's fall guy really the guy?

Somehow it is hard to believe but it seems Sarkozy has found a supposed Al Qaeda guy to blame the spate of racist and anti Semitic murders on. Forgive me if I am less than convinced. According to this guy's pals he never attended mosque was not really religious but according to Afghan ministry someone with his name was planting IEDs in Afghanistan before escaping from jail .......

Sarkozy you dwarf grow a set.... presumably he will be shot dead by morning and all will be well for the election campaign again...
or will it.

Nicolas YOU have decided that hate is the key

Nicolas YOU have decided that Jewish and Muslim rites must be objectified and ridiculed
Nicolas YOu have said we must hate our fellow man

Nicolas my little boy's relatives have made you now you will be unmade and sent to a million dollar speech circuit, Seer toawah Nicolas
Your scapegoat is hardly credible until you show us the film and produce the gun.

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