Sunday, March 11, 2012

Irish police, FBI and global freedom Extradition attempts will led to boycotts and pickets of US firms in Ireand

Over the past decade, since the September 11 attacks on the USA, many governments worldwide have put their duty to their own citizen in second place to the USA's desire for vengeance and control.

In 2008 the US government decided not to bail out Lehman Brothers and plunged the world into a banking crisis that has had unprecedented global fallout. The USA instead of absorbing its own mess transferred its financial disaster to the rest of the planet. While in Ireland the government absorbed responsibility for bank debt and transferred unsustainable debts onto the backs of the Irish people, in the USA the government pulled back and allowed a global financial disaster to emerge. This abrogation of responsibility led to the collapse of the global and indeed the Irish economy.
In this climate the USA seeks to also be the world's policeman, arresting kids for file sharing globally and other nefarious alleged crimes that are not the business of the USA. In the UK, because of an over friendly post 9/11 extradition treaty people who would problem of UK courts or not are sent to the USA to be imprisoned in facilities of detention that fail first world , or even second world standards and subjecting them to sentencing policies that more severe than North Korea, China, or other despotic regimes.

The USA must decide whether it wants friends in Europe or enemies in Europe.

The UK gave the basis of common law in 1215 with the Magna Carta, howver today the USA seeks the extradiction of UK citizens based on the entrapment operations of its FBI.

In Ireland two young boys have the sword of Damocles above their heads as an FBI operation involving a super grass has led to changes against two young men in a New York federal court.

The USA must examine its needs and its fate. If it continues to attempt to police the globe then all sympathy for its "holocaust" of 9/11 will shortly have expired.

A message to the USA government : If you cant support your failed institutions then don't expect support for your failed political wars from the countries and the people your abrogation of responsibility has impoverished.

If the USA seeks the extradition of Irish children on political charges expect a backlash that will affect many of your most respected companies that operate on Irish soil.

If there is any attempt at the extradition of IriPublish Postsh boys to the USA then I suggest a total boycott and permanent pickets on US firms in Ireland such as Google, Facebook, Paypal Intel, Microsoft and the USA government itself at their emnbasy ion Ballsbridge.

We can only take it in the ass so often. The USA must offer a reach-around or their position in Europe and the globe will be forever sidelined and silenced by the people their governments actions have impoverished .


  1. I dont understand why/how the FBI is on this case in Ireland. FBI does business in house not outside...CIA operates outside of the US.

    I don't get it.

    On another note, in 2008 we had the Bush Administration in governance in September and the GOP is for 'Let Them Fail' and 'no bailing out solutions under any circumstances'

    The 'Let Them Fail' (re GE) of the GOP should get them in trouble again in the upcoming election...

    Although I agree that Lehman Bros got the snow ball rolling I am not so sure the whole fiasco could have been avoided (..?..)

    All data i have seen suggests the system was so feeble that any rumbling somewhere would bring it down anyway.

  2. Re Lehmans the US let them sink but saved others fanny ma/Freddie mack etc

    re Feds and Ireland I am sure that feds go abroad to pursue what they see as fed cases ie ones that they seek to bring to trial in the USA. The CIA is not law enforcement but rather intelligence gathering and policy operatives. They are not policemen.

  3. Yea First was Lehman's and it was a political decision, ie, Bush walking around in his Texan swagger pandering to his 'base'...then several weeks later when it was clear Fanny/Freddie needed to be bailed out the posturing ended and they took appropriate action...however the first instinct of most politicians in a situation like this is to try to save their own skin first..and in reality they didn't understand at the time how humongous the whole fiasco was to become.

    Re FBI i will look it up. I could swear their constitutional mission is to act within borders but they are obviously active in Ireland at the moment.

  4. It is now Homeland Sec from Dingle Berry Louisiana to the cyber web all has changed the feds can do what they want
    the CIA is not the police they are an intelligence service
    that may police but are not the cops
    your USA is a different country to the one Clinton left you and mostly for the worse

    1. I checked on the jurisdiction of Homeland Security, FBI and CIA and concluded that the FBI can be operating abroad to protect the USA against Counter terrorism, Counter-intelligence and Cyber warfare. If they are after these boys for any of these reasons it will be hard to avoid charges bc they will be hard pressed to scapegoat someone for the deterrent effect it will have in the cyber-hacking community.

      They may be pursuing the irish because it may be easier to get a political deal than it would be to get the UK boys (my recollection is 1 american, 2 irish, 2 from UK). Cyber-warfare will be hard to pursue cos they will need proof that these boys were acting under some sort of state sponsored activity. Counter-intelligence also implies some sort of state sponsorship. So that leaves you with Counter-terrorism. This is the only category they can use to pursue your lone wolf hactivists… and if that is the case… they will need some serious defense lawyers.


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