Friday, March 30, 2012

British police racist abuse and boasting recorded by their victim: coppers owned !

The young man who had the foresight to record Met police officers taunting him and one admitting he had strangled him is to see no justice. Well done young man you are a credit to Britain but unfortunately the istitutional racism of the UK Gov is rising against your foresight.
 Exposing institutional racism should be something people get knighted for :). However the Tory government's police force and its Crown Prosecution Service have decided that such racist comments and an admission of strangling a handcuffed man are not worthy of prosecution. The UK should now be placed on the UN blacklist for reviled states.
Scotland Yard is facing a racism scandal after a black man used his mobile phone to record police officers subjecting him to a tirade of abuse in which he was told: "The problem with you is you will always be a nigger".
The recording, obtained by the Guardian, was made by the 21-year-old after he was stopped in his car, arrested and placed in a police van the day after last summer's riots.
The man, from Beckton, east London, said he was made to feel "like an animal" by police. He has also accused one officer of kneeling on his chest and strangling him.
In the recording, a police officer can be heard admitting he strangled the man because he was "a cunt". Moments later, another officer – identified by investigators as PC Alex MacFarlane – subjects the man to a succession of racist insults and adds: "You'll always have black skin. Don't hide behind your colour."
The Independent Police Complaints Commission referred the case to the Crown Prosecution Service on the basis that three officers, including MacFarlane, may have committed criminal offences.

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