Thursday, March 29, 2012

Declan Ganley and his pals: employee Liam Lawlor and "Frank" Frank Dunlop

In recent days Declan Ganley has been tweeting re the Mahon Tribunal. Though the tribunal found that the invoice Liam Lawlor gave Frank Dunlop on Ganley International heading was fake, from Gnley's own evidence ie in his own words he relates part of a story regarding hiring Liam Lawlor.

He paid Lawlor at least £30000 allegedly to lobby the Albanian government from promotring pyramid schemes. This was at a time when Ganley International were involved in a company called Anglo Adriatic Investment Corp which on the face of evidence appears to be a state sponsered pyramid scheme. What is clear is that none of the Albanian investors in the scheme received their money back or any return to date: ie since 1997. At arguably the most corrupt period in the history of the state is it not true to form that Ganley would be in bed /employing the most corrupt of them all the gangster Liam Lawlor. Note in Ganley's evidence he cals Dunlop.. "Frank" . It should also be noted that Ganley's pal and sometimes partner Gary Hunter refused to help the Mahon tribunal from 2005. It must be further noted that in 2008 Ganley entertained Hunter in Dublin. Surely if he was in favour of full disclosure he could have persuaded Gary Hunter to co-operate with the tribunal.

It must be further noted that the tribunal did not follow potential lines of inquiry into Ganley and his carry on. More soon

Anyone interested in Liam Lawlor, Frank Dunlop, Gary Hunter (who was at Ganley's Shelbourne dinner for Vaclav Klaus) and Declan Ganley should read Ganley's evidence from 14:39 /Question 451

Frank Dunlop's evidence above it is worth a read too.

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