Sunday, March 4, 2012

Merkel, Cameron and other hard right leaders hand Hollande victory

The secret deal by the leaders of Germany, Britain, Spain and Italy not to meet Francois Hollande has proved to be a great boost for the French presdiental candidate. The announcment of this secret pact today in El Mundo which, previewed tomorrow's Der Spiegal story ,led to the the info being featured tonight on French news radio.
Hollande has correctly responded by stating that it is a matter for the French voters to decide their leader without the interference of Germany or other European country's leaders.

Meanwhile Merkel's government spokeperson, having been caught out in their secret deal, has "denied " there was a secret compact The denial of course adds credence to the reality that the pact between the hard right leaders of France's European partners was indeed made.

In France the people take this type of undemocratic maneuvering seriously. Though Hollande fell 1.5 % in polls this week compared to Sarkozy's 3% fall, the news that of a gang of supposed European partners are ganging up on a French presidential candidate (whose name is not Le Pen) provides Hollande with an excellent boost that the next polls are sure to reflect and indeed the most important one, when people vote in May.

The fact that Germany is trying to influence the French elections in consort with the Ros Beauf Anglais will add grist to Hollande's mill.

It is worth bearing in mind that the reason the hard right don't want to see Hollande elected is that he will oppose the fiscal compact "treaty" and insist on Merkel and the hard right's austerity program being halted in favour of a European package for growth and jobs! The fact is that there is more than one approach to the European finacial mess and one approach is to let private banks take the hit rather than the people. Even while saving banks it is possible to take a non Lutheran approach and create growth through investment.
All financial analysts state that the EU choosing austerity is choosing recession rather than growth.

Those reading in Ireland should be aware that a NO vote in the referendum will not be against the tide but will be with the new tide: the tide of growth not austerity. A No vote will send a strong signal to Merkel that we oppose the bailout and will take on no more misery in order to merely reward German gamblers profiteering at the cost of Irish social, health and educational services and the cost of Irish jobs.

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