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Nascant Libertas payrolled by US Defence Contractors Rivada? Former Libertas director Naosie Nunn said so!

The origins of Libertas pay-rolled US Defence Contractors?
Who me? Ganley dodges campaign finance issues regarding his Defence contracting firm Rivada

Naoise Nunn former employeee of Libertas was very clear on who employed him saying that as a Rivada employee he was instructed by Ganley to work for Libertas. It is 100% clear that Naoise Nunn knew who he was working for and that the work for Libertas was part of his employment with Rivada.

This was later contradicted by Declan Ganley. Ganley seemed to be trying to cover up. See the below

Irish Times reported on Saturday Ganley fails to provide clarity on Libertas loan - The Irish Times - Sat, Dec 06, 2008
"In the course of the referendum campaign, Libertas activist Naoise Nunn told The Irish Times he was an employee of Rivada who did work for Libertas at the direction of Mr Ganley. Mr Ganley has told the commission that the employees of Rivada who worked on the Libertas campaign did so in a voluntary capacity."

Nunn said he was a Rivada employee not a volunteer.

See also Saturday, July 5, 2008 Irish Times "Ganley's bid for Baghdad action"
"Rivada Networks has an Irish subsidiary with a registered office at Ganley's home in Tuam. A number of employees of the subsidiary were founding members of Libertas and one of them, executive director Naoise Nunn, told The Irish Times during the Lisbon Treaty campaign that he had carried out work for Libertas during 2007 and 2008, having been instructed to do so by Ganley. Ganley later contradicted this and said Nunn had carried out voluntary work for Libertas while working for Rivada"

The earliest is more categoric Irish Times Saturday, May 31, 2008
On the mysterious trail of 'Mr No'

In October Nunn had to add or subtract from his original statement so his statement stands despite Ganley's denial that Nunn and others were employed by Rivada for the Libertas project.
Friday, October 3, 2008
Substantial amount of funding for Libertas came from Ganley
Ganley saddles up with the Irish Ranegrs

" The executive director of Libertas, Naoise Nunn, has told The Irish Times he is an employee of Rivada. He said he was employed by Rivada in October 2006. Asked what he did, he said he mostly did work for Libertas, but also did work for Rivada. Asked who assigned him to his duties, he said Ganley."
Libertas was incorporated in October 2006. Seven people signed the document establishing the company, five of whom were Rivada employees. Libertas uses the same address and telephone number as Rivada, in Tuam.

During the referendum campaign Nunn, the then "executive director" of Libertas, told The Irish Times that he was an employee of Rivada since October 2006 and still was. He said Ganley would assign him to his duties and that his main activity was working for Libertas.

He also said the Libertas campaign director, David Cochrane, was an employee of Rivada who had started working for Rivada in 2007, and worked mainly on developing the Libertas website. Nunn said he received his instructions from Ganley.

Ganley subsequently said the two executives were wrong, and that the Libertas work they did was done in their spare time, on a voluntary basis. Nunn is no longer with Libertas and when contacted did not want to add or subtract from his earlier comments."


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