Saturday, February 14, 2009

"I'm not a Eurosceptic, Innit" Declan Ganley protests his innocence

"I'm not a Eurosceptic, Innit"
Ganley protests his innocence

Declan Ganley can only blame himself if no one believes he is pro-European.Libertas claim to be pro European but their chief political allies are resolutely Eurosceptic. Their supporters/employees post comments on bulletin boards denying their far right supporters while asserting that the Eurosceptics support Libertas because they believe in democracy. Are we to believe that extremists throw a life-line to a "pro EU party" and man like Ganley who would drain away their votes, donations and media exposure despite their diametrically opposite stance on Europe?. Perhaps Viscount Philippe Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon of France's MEP is chivalrous as well as being an Islamaphopic Le Penesque poster boy.

No one who interrogates beyond the Libertas rhetoric believes Ganley's scratched record of facile sound-bites. As this blog noted yesterday one of the parties supporting him in Poland "disdains democracy", is right wing monarchist. .
If Libertas had a manifesto prior to their hype it might help people decide. In the meantime all we have to rely as a yard stick for Libertas's true beliefs are Ganley's associates and their stated policies. They are a collection whose scout badges include the badges for homophobia, xenophobia, anti Semiticism, pro-Life in all circumstances regardless of the medical
Why do I get the feeling that when Declan Ganley does issue a manifesto that his odious gang won't desert him?

Irish Times

HARRY McGEE, Political Staff

THE MINISTER for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin yesterday claimed that assertions by Libertas founder Declan Ganley that he is in favour of the European Union have not been borne out by any of his public pronouncements.

Mr Martin contended that Mr Ganley always says that he is a committed European but has done everything he possibly can to undermine it in terms of his statements.

He challenged Mr Ganley’s views that the European Union was run by faceless bureaucrats.

“I mean it is classic stuff. It’s very good in terms of the invisible ‘they’. Who are the ‘they’?

“We have no invisible ‘they’ out there.

“We have public servants in Ireland who are permanently working in Brussels on our behalf. We have a permanent representative, an Ambassador, Bobby McDonagh, who . . . takes instruction from the Irish Government,” he said.

Mr Martin said that government ministers representing all of the 27 states make the policy decisions and are involved in the policy initiatives.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, when he was president of the EU, led the political debate on the issues like the Georgian conflict and helped bring about a ceasefire, Mr Martin said on RTÉ’s Today with Pat Kenny.

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