Thursday, February 19, 2009

"All sound and fury signifying nothing" Declan Ganley apperance before Irish parliamentary committee video

Declan Ganley's appearance before the Hearings of the Sub-Committee on Ireland's Future in the European Union on Tuesday 18 November 2008 in available from the Irish Oireacthas website.
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The full text is available below

I recommend that you watch the video. It runs to 2 hours 49 min but it is a unique opportunity to see Declan Ganley in action. At about 11min in Ganley seems to become antagonist and pushy. he continues that way. His partner in Libertas Caroline Simons is also featured as is the Libertas Ireland communications director John McGuirk whose huge form occupies the seat beside Ganley's.
The overall impression left is that Ganley has very little to say. However there is a nasty impression given by the three Libertas representatives. Watch it and let me know what you think.


  1. Declan Ganley seems like serial opportunist, I'm very concerned that this neo-con contractor may gain status in the EU elections. US military defense contractors have no place in the European Parliament.

  2. Personally I would support a directly elected Commission President, or one elected by the EP. However, Ganley and Libertas' Lisbon Treaty stance is built on many fundamental misunderstandings of the treaty and, indeed, Community law at large.

    His failure to answer specific questions or give specific details is, sadly, typical of his behaviour before and since the Committee meeting. Why did his preferences for Europe have to be dragged out? It was supposed to be a forum for decided and suggesting what should happen next.

    The Committee did put some good questions to him, but they shouldn't have let themselves get sidetracked on all the old Lisbon questions where they didn't have much relevance for the Committee's frame of reference.


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