Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ganley is foaming at the mouth

The Eurosceptic and the Europhile: Phillipe de Villiers and Declan Ganley. What is their relationship?

What is going on with Libertas? last week Declan Ganley was cock'a'hoop after having planned and seemingly executed a raid on EU coffers by being recognised a a pan European party. Within hours of the party being recognised and funding approved the cheers turned to tears as first one and then two of his signatories said that they have not intended to support or indeed had not signed up for Libertas. The EU subsequently suspended the Libertas application for recognition and cash.

In Germany yesterday a bitter Ganley stated "We followed their rules. We have done our utmost to comply with their requirements. I don't need their approval, and frankly I don't care if they give us their approval or not, because I'm not looking for their blessing"

More surprising were his comments on his signatories on the EU cash bid. He said that they don't hold his political views and indeed he says these people many of them won't even be running for Libertas.
Ganley:"While we appreciate our signators (sic), they are very, very far from representing Libertas. Many of the people on that first list are not even people who will be running for Libertas, but rather they were supporting the democratic process."

So what is Libertas all about? They seek funding through the signatures of people who have little or nothing to do with them. What does this say about their signatories? Will they sign anything to milk cash from the EU? Is this not exactly what Ganley claims he is against? A bunch of guys in a backroom and working out how to get cash out of the EU purse?

Ganley also says that it is a lie that the signatories had not signed up for him. Therefore he is accusing his new (ex-) friends of dishonesty. This only a day after using their names to get an award of 200,000 euro?

Ganley :" What happened here is political sleight of hand. First of all, statements came out saying these people had not signed anything. We destroyed that lie immediately by proving that they did."

Last week Bulgarian MP Mincho Kuminev, who supposed to be was one of seven signatories to Libertas’s application to the European Parliament for some €200,000 in funds, said he never signed an application for Libertas to receive funds and was surprised his name was on the list of Libertas supporters.

Even as to whether he would run Ganley seemed to be unsure
Ganley:"No, I can't. Again, this is something that these politicians don't get. They cannot understand the motivations of people who do not put themselves first, which is a prerequisite of public service"
Public service? raiding for cash in Europe with a bunch of guys that don't suopport you and who you say tell lies?
So far despite the bluster Libertas appear directionless and amuteurish.
How much more of this do we have to endure?
Libertas Nein Danke.
read full interview with Declan Ganley here

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