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People Korps archives on Libertas and Ganley

Here is a select set of links to People Korps archives

Declan Ganley get his"Pick of Europe's pond life"
Ganley' Motley Crew

During the summer a columnist in an Irish newspaper accused Declan Ganley of hanging out with the ‘pick of Europe’s pond life’. Many at the time felt the criticism harsh.

Libertas candidate censured for saying Jews were biologically different. Say NO to Libertas!?
Libertas members announced one Poland's Cyprian Gutkowski,League of Polish Families who was censured in the EP for his booklet suggesting the Jews were biologically different.

Has Declan Ganley threatened to sue you?

Has Declan Ganley or Libertas threatened to sue you? The Phoenix article published below details the threats of Libretas's David Cochrane's bulletin board to sue a poster who published details of Ganley's Iraq adventures

Nascant Libertas payrolled by US Defence Contractors Rivada
Naoise Nunn former employeee of Libertas was very clear on who employed him saying that as a Rivada employee he was instructed by Ganley to work for Libertas. It is 100% clear that Naoise Nunn knew who he was working for and that the work for Libertas was part of his employment with Rivada.

Ganley Iraq shenanigans from The Phoenix April 18 2008

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Jane's Intelligence in Janurary 2008 confirmed US intelligence communities and neo con unease at the Lisbon . Was Ganley's Libertas the response?

Declan Ganley's Libertas helped US neo con and intelligence interests by launching a hugely funded anti Lisbon campaign in Ireland. Ganley also aided his US Defense Dept. paymasters by fronting the campaign

Libertas responds to People Korps posting

Libertas have added the "Facts" page again buried somewhere in the bowels of their site.

Irish Minister Dick Roche slams Libertas for spewing vitriolic empty rhetoric

Ganley is slammed for his empty vitriol by Irish minister Dick Roche in a statement issued today. This follows an attack by Ganley on Roche where he seemed to blame him for the global financial downturn.

Libertas statement clash Ganley contradicts Libertas staff again

Libertas spokeperson who was contradicted by Ganley this week was Anita Kelly

This is similar to the denials by Ganley that Naoise Nunn former Libertas campaign director who said that he had been paid by Rivada to work on Libertas which Ganley denied

If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas! Who are the real Libertas?

With a new Libertas party legally registered in the UK and in Czech republic I note that Ganley's Libertas are still collecting funds form the UK and Czech Republic on their website

Declan Ganley of Libertas silencing free speech and a free press by issuing spurious threats of legal action?

Declan Ganley likes to talk about openness, democracy & transparency – but
does not always accept a central feature of an open democracy – the right to hold an
opinion that differs from Ganley's own.

Libertas Sister organisation Annual Forum on Public Safety in Europe and North America

Between 2005 and 2007, Ganley’s organisation, Rivada Networks, sponsored the Annual Forum on Public Safety in Europe and North America at my alma mater, the University of Limerick, where Ganley is a director on the University of Limerick Foundation Board. The forum brings together various “policymakers, political and military leaders” to discuss, among other things, “important public safety matters, such as crisis management, interoperability and border security”.

Primetime show on Declan Ganley

Rte show investigates Declan Ganley's claims about his past see full show below

The Irish Times

April 16, 1999, CITY EDITION Clom Keena on Declan Ganley in the Irish Times a Libertas resource tool?

Article from an Albanian perspective on Declan Ganley and his Ganley International , Anglo Adriatic Investment Fund
. This article alleges collusion between Ganley' AAIF and the Albanian Government


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