Saturday, February 7, 2009

Libertas already rowing about division of EU Funds.

Though the EU funding for Libertas is now on hold it is interesting to note that as soon as their 200,000 euro EU grant was approved questions were raised about which Libertas groups would benefit.
Anita Kelly of Libertas EU stated that this decision would be made later.

Brussels - The question of whether the Czech party will be entitled to EU subsidies designed for, a newly-registered pan-European party, is open, spokeswoman Anita Kelly told CTK today.

This despite the Czech Libertas being totally eurosceptic and Libertas Eu claiming to be pro European. Does the fact that Libertas will consider giving the Czech money mean that anyone who registers a local Libertas in their EU state will be entitled to a share of the Libertas cash?

She confirmed that of Irish millionaire Declan Ganley views, founded by MEP Vladimir Zelezny, a former media magnate, as its branch and not its rival.

After the EP recognised Ganley's Libertas as a European political party, Libertas has become eligible for drawing money from EU funds.

According to the Irish media, Libertas is immediately eligible for 200,000 euros, and the sum may further grow.

Kelly told CTK that the party will start drawing money from the EU only after the EU elections due in late spring.

It will only become clear later whether the party's foreign branches, including the Czech one, will be eligible to the money.

The question of Zelezny's candidacy to the EP remains open as well, Kelly said.

In January Zelezny told the Czech media that it will be his leadership, not Ganley, who will be's number one candidate.

Now Zelezny does not want to comment on his party before certain further negotiations are closed, sources from around him say.

Like Ganley, Zelezny is a staunch opponent of the Lisbon treaty designed to reform the EU.

While the Irish rejected the treaty in a referendum last June, the Czech Republic is the only of the 27 EU countries not to have taken a position on the document as yet. Part of the Czech senior ruling Civic Democrats (ODS) are reluctant to support it in parliament.

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