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Declan Ganley The Iraq Years?

T. Christain Miller's Blood Money, Wasted Billions, Lost Lives, and Corportae Greed in Iraq

details Ganley's bid for telecom licence in Iraq.
"The storm is gathering apace, it will present itself with spectacular effect in the cities of the west soon enough,"
Declan Ganley on pulling out of Iraq

Given the topical nature of the subject with Declan Ganley's legal team presenting themselves at the High Court in Dublin today to suppress the Irish Village magazine.

In an ex parte affidavit filed at the High Court yesterday, Mr Ganley said the article has made “very serious allegations concerning my business dealings in Iraq”. Mr Ganley said the article makes out that he is “dishonest, a liar, a fraud and that I am responsible for the deaths of thousands of police officers and soldiers through corruption”. The assertions and allegations are without foundation and are a deliberate attempt at character assassination, he added
Irish Times 10 Feb 2009

The below email correspondence from Declan Ganley at a time when he was seeking to do business in Iraq gives a fascinating insight into day to day activities in Declan Ganley's world. His bid to get a mobile licence in Iraq had failed. Accusations of bribery and corruption fly, against Iraqi officials and US/American officials.
Libertas? Nein Danke? is looking for public help! Were any of the claims made in the below emails substantiated? Email: if you know more.

OFFICIAL USE ONLY WARNING: This document is the property of the Department of Defense
Inspector General, International Armament and Technology Trade Directorate and is on loan to your agency. Contents may not be disclosed to any party under investigation nor may this document be distributed outside the receiving agency without the specific authorization of the Director, International Armament and Technology Trade.

Page 140
FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Preliminary Findings: Report to the Inspector General into Mobile
Telecommunications Licenses in Iraq APPENDIX N

E-mail Correspondence from Declan Ganley

Subj: FW: Iraq telecom report 22nd. March 04
Date: 3/22/2004 12:18:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

(From Declan Ganley;-e-mail address redacted)

The following is my report following my briefing from our Iraqi source Mr. A, upon his return from Baghdad yesterday, Sunday 21st. March 04. He does not wish to be named in the body of this report as he is concerned that a certain member of the CPA who he believes to be compromised might be in receipt of the information. I am prepared to provide the name verbally to the appropriate persons.
“A” had multiple sources for his information but the primary sources are two serving Ministers of the Iraq Interim Government. I am aware of their identities and again will provide them verbally but A. stressed that they not be written down at the request of the individuals who for the time being do not wish to be identified as the sources of this information. [Resumes of Iraqi’s making accusations are on file at the IATT office for security reasons.]
The Ministers reported the following: Al Jaffari (a member of the Governing Council and I think head of the ‘Dawa’ party), El Abedi (the minister for communications and member of Dawa) and Sudnick are all in receipt of payments in return for favors relating to the Iraq telecommunications process. When giving this information which they volunteered, the conversation was started on the subject of the service being offered in Baghdad by the Orascom network. They were not prompted and gave the information as part of a description of the telecom process and the role of Dawa party
members. When giving the information on the recipients of payments they stated that there was an American in the CPA called “Sadik or Sandy or something like that”, A. asked if it was “Sudnick” and they said yes that was it and how did he know of the name, he told them that he knew Sudnick was a senior guy in communications. The Ministers said that Sudnick was “coordinating” with Al Jaferi and El Abedi and that Al Jafferi had set up an office in Kuwait which is staffed by one of his former London based ‘Dawa party’ figures a Mr. Adnan Ali Al Kadhmi. This gentleman and one other receives payments which are then passed on to Al Jafferi and from him to Sudnick and El Abedi, the payments are believed to be in large denomination dollar cash bills. The other gentleman allegedly receiving and passing on payments is a Mr. Shwan Al Mullah who is a share holder in the central region license. Al Mullah picks up payments from Najib Sawiris

Page 141

in Jordan and passes them to Al Jafferi. A. reports that Al Mullah’s
partner’s brother Maqadam Al Khadi is now holding all of Nadhmi Auchi’s Iraq cellular interests in trust while the Iraqi investigation into the licences takes place. The ministers report that they have good information that the amounts paid to Al Jafferi, El Abedi and Sudnick are approximately $10 million U.S. dollars, the parties allegedly making the payments via Al Kadhmi and Al Mullah are Najib Sawiris (of Orascom) and Ala Al Khawaja (reportedly a shareholder in two of the networks and a bag man for Auchi whom he runs a fund for in Egypt). The ministers said thatthere was a particularly significant meeting in Kuwait four weeks agowhere in the presence of Al Kadhmi, At Jafferi and Al Khawaja met directly and where a significant payment was made to be split with El Abedi and Sudnick. A. pointed out that members of the CPA can avoid having their passports stamped going through Kuwait border controls. A. asked the Ministers how they had this information and they told him they had a good network, the information was sound and that they were able to assemble some of the information that led to the capture of Saddam and of TahaYasin Ramadan. A. expressed concern that this information would easily identify the Ministers. According to A. (and he suggested that this could and should be independently verified) there is much Iraqi anger at the way communications have been handled, the level of corruption and the inadequacy of the service. He reported that there is no roaming whatsoever. That each of the three systems will not allow roaming on the other, that there is no service at all in the Southern Licence area. He also reports that there is not even the most basic data service available and that the Baghdad network will not allow the sending or receiving of text messages. The sim cards issued in Iraq will not work in any country out side Iraq or in any other area within Iraq. A. states that the pricing is exorbitant with a one month validity sim card costing $68 USD without a handset, he also said that the prepaid cards appear to be programmed to deduct credit at a faster rate than even advertised, he gave the example of purchasing a $20 prepaid there is a rife market for stolen handsets which are coming in from Europe (this business is operated by a group called ‘Allied’ who are operating from London and owned by Al Mullah’s partner Amer Al Khadi). The Ministers reported that Sudnick and El Abedi are rushing to put as much as they can in place to protect their funders interests before June as they are concerned that both they and Al Jafferi will not be in place after June.
Follow-up e-mail from Declan Ganley April 20, 2004:

According to our information about this time (September 2002) or earlier either Leech or Davies, more likely Leech, met with Al Khawaja most likely at the Sheraton Hotel in Kuwait City where the payment to be lodged to the Arab Bank in Jordan was agreed.

Page 142

We also heard another rumour that a meeting took place between Al Khawaja and a CPA official based in Bahrain. He had travelled to the CPA in Baghdad and was in co-ordination with David Leech. Purportedly a payment of $1.5 million was made at this meeting in Bahrain. We are currently unable to get any more information on this, though we are working on it.

The full report here

I have redacted Daniel Sudnick's claims about Jack Shaw I have received more up to date info on the case and wil be publishing in a new post. The case is ongoing!

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Iraq: Cellular Project Leads to U.S. Inquiry A Pentagon official acted to award a contract to a group that included his friends. by T. Christian Miller, Los Angeles Times, April 29th, 2004

Ganley's Bid for Baghdad Action by Colm Kenna Irish Times 5 July 2008
Blood Money Ganley references.
1. on Page 55:
"... licenses to operate in Iraq. Qualcomm joined a consortium called Liberty Mobile led by a mysterious Irish entrepreneur named Declan Ganley. A multimillionaire, Ganley alternately drove a Rolls-Royce and a Mercedes, ..."
2. on Page 57:
"... S.-Arab Cham- ber of Commerce. In April or early May, DeMarino introduced Shaw and Declan Ganley. DeMarino and Ganley convinced Shaw that Qualcomm's technology was best suited for Iraq's business needs - though Shaw later ..."
3. on Page 61:
"... " To effect his plan, Shaw arranged for Reiser to call Ganley and discuss the cellular phone proposal. Over four months, the two negotiated an al- liance, Reiser even visiting Ganley in ..."
4. on Page 63:
"... received thirty-five formal proposals to establish cellular service. Sudnick personally reviewed the se- lection of the winners. All the while, Ganley's group continued complain- ing about bias against American technology. ..."
5. on Page 65:
"... ordering Sudnick to make sure that NANA got the contract, installed the American technology, and allowed Declan Ganley's Guardian Net to build out the system. "The continuing contracting minuet has obscured what must be part of the NANA/Guardian ..."
6. on Page 66:
"... Carroll called Reiser, who told her that Ganley had suggested the change. Carroll then called Ganley, reaching him on his cell phone at Stansted airport in London. ..."
7. on Page 69:
"... trolled the entire network in Iraq through a shadowy business alliance. Shaw based his report on anonymous e-mails, information from Ganley and DeMarino, and rumors on the "Arab street. ..."
8. from Back Matter:
"... 298 NOTES Chris Frabott, August 2005 Declan Ganley, April 2004 Richard Garfield, June 2005 Michel Gautier, August 2004 Lt. Col. S. Jamie Gayton, August 2005 Thamour Ghadban, August ..."
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"... Not('s 303 20. E-mail from Declan Ganley to Jack Shaw, April 28, 2004. Author copy. Ganley reacted angrily to a question over whether Shaw had any financial ..."
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  1. Dan Sudnick has since contacted Barricade to state that he was vindictated.

    Declan Ganley refers to the Arab Street in his smear campaign.

    Dan Sudnick refers to a US Court of Law to combat, amongst other things, Ganley's smears.

    Dan Sudnick is found to be a man of integrity.

    Declan Ganley is the polar opposite.

    For analysis and accounts of the amoral acts of Declan Ganley check out


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