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Declan Ganley's London club is The Naval and Military Club

British troops on parade from
Declan Ganley's London club's
home page .

Ruth Dudley Edwards tells us that Declan Ganley gave a lunchtime talk to in the House of Commons on Tuesday 10 Feb to an audience of mainly young people who thought him a hero for his role in the 'No' vote on Lisbon. the youths were "Eurosceptic to the point of Europhobia". Edwards who is known for taking a sympathetic approach to the Northern Irish Unionist perspective in Irish history also has a soft spot for Ganley or is "sympathetically disposed" as she says herself.
Ganley's Gentlemen's club The Naval + Military Club,
No. 4, St. James's Square, London, SW1Y 4J

It might comfort Ruth Dudley Edwards to know that Declan is a habitué and member of The Naval and Military Club No. 4, St. James's Square, London, SW1Y 4J. The club also known as the "In and Out" Club was founded in 1862
The board includes J D H Briggs Esq Chairman,
G G Buxton-Smither Esq and Admiral the Lord Boyce GCB OBE DL, ,Vice-Chairman see full board here.
According to its website Ganley's club

For most of its history [...] has provided a comfortable London home for Officers of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Army and the Royal Air Force. The style and traditions of the Club have tended to follow those of Officers’ Messes.

In recent years, the membership has expanded to include ladies and gentlemen who have not served in the Armed Forces and the Club has benefited greatly from this.

The Club exists as a society of men and women who respect service traditions and who share the facilities of the Clubhouse at No. 4 St. James’s Square for their enjoyment and recreation.Italic

Is this where Declan Ganley recruited The Light Dragoon CO, Lt Col Robin Matthews who up until recently was Communications Officer for the British Forces in Helmand Province in Afghanistan? Robin Matthews is now Chef de Cabinet of Libertas.

What does it say about a man who claims to be pro European, pro transparency and anti-elite when he speaks to anti European audiences and recruits anti European politicians for his party. Furthermore ( for this son of Watford ) desires to join an elitist martial social club. Ganley's membership of the club reflects his adherence"a society of men and women who respect service traditions". It also reflects his elitist nature and tendencies.

Ganley's US Defence contacting company Rivada is also staffed by former military men and here.
He also loves paint balling and flying flags. Though as you can see in my post on his German TV appearence he gets confused about which one he should fly on a moment to moment basis.

In the UK Declan Ganley is supported by haters of the EU, recruits members of the British armed services to work for Libertas and socialises in a club whose members revel in the traditions of service of the British Armed Forces. What has he got to offer the Republic of Ireland?

Link to Indymedia article about Ganley's No campaign and US Military

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