Thursday, February 5, 2009

EU statement on Ganley and Libertas and Libertas' paranoid statement

Below is the decision made today by the European Parliament's Conference of
Presidents contrasts with the ranting statement produced by Libertas &

Ganley's statement , couched in his usual intemperate language
suggests that people who have been through the communist era are
capable of being intimidated by a phone calls. Suggests that he has a
very poor view of the moral fibre of his associates.

EU Parliament Statement

European recognition of Libertas suspended pending check on signatures

At its meeting today, the European Parliament's Conference of Presidents asked the institution's administration to verify the validity of the signatures submitted by Libertas in its application for registration as a European political party.

On Monday, the Parliament's Bureau (comprised of its President and 14 Vice Presidents) had approved an application by Libertas to register as a "political party at European level". Since then, two of the signatories - Mr Igor Gräzin, Member of the Estonian Parliament and Mr Mintcho Hristov Kouminev, Member of the Bulgarian Parliament - have denied signing for the purpose of registering a political party at European level, thereby casting doubt on the validity of their signatures. Given the Parliament's legal obligation to verify that the conditions for registration are fully and properly met, on a continuing basis, the Conference of Presidents, which brings together the leaders of all the political groups, discussed this matter at its meeting today.

The Conference of Presidents asked the Parliament's administration to look into the issue in detail as a matter of urgency. The administration will contact all the European, national and regional law-makers whose signatures were submitted by Libertas, when it applied for the status of political party at European level, in order to verify the situation. In the interim, the release of funds to Libertas has been put on hold. If the Bureau concludes that Libertas has correctly fulfilled the legal requirements, then its recognition as a European political party will proceed in the normal way.

This is the Libertas statement: demonstrates advanced state of their paranoia

Mr. Mintcho Hristov Kuminev, a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament, has claimed not to have signed Libertas's application to become a European political party. This is untrue. Mr. Kuminev has consciously and kindly signed this document at the request of Libertas. The document, together with the required copy of Mr. Kuminev's passport and his member's pass for the Bulgarian parliament, is in our possession and we invite any interested party to view it. It might be a coincidence or it might be a concerted effort to intimidate or otherwise influence those who expressly support the
advancement of democracy, that this is the second Libertas signatory who feels they must now distance themselves from their actions. We appreciate that they both gave us their initial support. We deplore the corrupt,dishonest and anti-democratic forces that are pushing them to renounce their support. We are mildly amused that the other Libertas signatories have not been persuaded to suffer from amnesia. Libertas will provide over and above the required number of signatures in spite of - and partially as a result of - this blatantly anti-democratic campaign to undermine the first truly pan-European party. We will succeed in our campaign of democracy, accountability and transparency. Voters across the 27 Member States should draw the clear message that these anti-democratic elites do not so much fear Libertas as fear the will of 500 million Europeans. Libertas looks forward to being being a catalyst for change - change that is sorely needed in a corrupt and unaccountable system. The people of Europe have had enough. Libertas will find tooth and nail to defend democracy for those who support us and for those who do not. For further information: Anita Kelly

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