Thursday, February 5, 2009

Questions raised over David Alton

As a unelected life peer does Lord David Alton satisfy the EU requirments for seven elected representitives to be signitories to funding applications for funding of Libertas ' pan European party? With two alledged signitories denying they had ever signed on for Libertas will Lord Alton's unelected status further impale businessman Declan Ganley's plans for European domination?

British Labour MEP Richard Corbett thinks it might
Richard Corbett said, "This has now descended into total farce. But there is also a serious side to the matter because it shows that Libertas were trying to fool the parliamentary authorities into believing that they had a level of support stronger than is actually the case.

"Parliament bent over backwards to give them EU funds and show it was not biased. But now it has been shown that the basis of their application was unfounded."

Corbett also queried the validity of another of Libertas's signatures, Lord Alton of Liverpool, who is not an elected representative

See here

Libertas are certainly in disarray.

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