Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warning: Ganley in Bratislava, Slovakia: Warning

Ganley with French far right aristocrat Viscount Philippe de Villiers MEP

Declan Ganley spent Sunday and Monday in Slovkia trying to form a branch of his private Libertas Party. In Bratislava yesterday he said he had no local party that Libertas already had an agreement with. He met with several liberal and conservative figures on Sunday, but he didn't want to comment on details of their discussions. Ganley told Slovakian media that he isn't a eurosceptic but an optimist as far as the European Union (EU) is concerned. At the same time, he underlined the fact that the Treaty of Lisbon restricts the sovereignty of individual EU states, and described it as an "offence against democracy".

Does Libertas, with its private funding, contacts with the US military, associations with far right anti democratic groups, not leave a credibilty deficit when they claim that anything is anti democratic.
Their message is redundent in the absense of some answers from Libertas as to who is funding them now and how they funded their No campaign to the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland.
The mantra of Ganley and his Libertas is "accounability, transparency and democracy". However they lack all accountibility as they are an unelected private party owned by alledged millionaire Ganley.
They lack all transparency as the source of their funding is not publically known and Ganley's business past raises more questions than he is willing to answer.
They do not have a democratic structure, Ganley is the self appointed leader of his own private political party Libertas.

Libertas=rhetoric without substance
Libertas=Lying scare tactics in political campaigns
Libertas=A US Defence contractor's private party
Libertas =A collection of far right political associates who amongst them trade on a variety of xenophobia, racism, anti-Semiticism, Islamophobia, homophobia and even monarchism.

Libertas is the party of division.


  1. This article is a blatant lie. Libertas is in no way affiliated with the CIA or right-wing groups. Libertas fights for democracy, transparency, accountability and subsidiarity, and opposes EU Constitutions without the people's approval through referendums. You should support this party rather than attacking them with nonsense arguments like this post.

  2. thank you Cinncinatus , of course you are wrong Libertas has the support of many far right politicinas like Phillipe de Villiers, or see the report of his visit to Poland as reported by rte on 10 >Jan 2009 "Mr Ganley has been in Poland since Friday for talks with small far-right parties ahead of European parliament elections in 2010.

    'We plan to put forward Polish candidates of our party in next year's European elections,'

    or read this blog your party is a far right paty .
    Re CIA, it is not mentioned in the post above but
    Cinncinatus aka Libertas employee (how is the weather in Brussels ?), while I trust the new offices in Brussels are adequate at the Libertas HQ please don't bother leaving Libertas lies here. As to Declan Ganley and the CIA you might take that up with the EU parliament who asked about it.
    This blogger has ample proof of Ganley's neocon activities and war mongering. ganley is a US Defense contractor who profits from current war and the "war on terror".


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