Friday, May 1, 2009

Libertas and Ganley lie about web stats

Claim of most visited website questioned

MARK HENNESSY, Political Correspondent

DECLAN GANLEY’S claim Libertas has the most popular political party website in the European Union is undermined by data from a global internet tracking firm.

Last week, Mr Ganley said the website was “the most visited political website in Europe” and was “receiving 40,000 hits per days, easily outstripping its rivals around Europe”. Speaking on RTÉ’s Today With Pat Kenny yesterday, Mr Ganley said the organisation sent out an e-mail seeking support for its upcoming campaign to 20 million people in Europe.

“We had the highest traffic figures for any political party in Europe to our website last week, and that has continued since then,” he told the programme.

However, the Libertas site was the 191,105th most popular website in the world over the last three months – and the 32,476th yesterday, according to rankings from internet tracking company, Alexa.

Last night, Libertas’s John McGuirk clarified that a comparison was being made between Libertas and other European political parties, and not with EU websites.

“The comparison is with parties like the CDU in Germany, big trades unions and other organisations that advocated a political opinion,” he said. However, Alexa put the CDU’s traffic figures over the last three months at 86,987th place and 19,860th on Thursday.

On a budget of zero Libertas Nein Danke ranks

  • 36,204 Belgium the home of the EU Parliament
It ranks at 1814530 in the World in the past month.

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