Saturday, May 2, 2009

Polish Libertas supporters walk out of Rome convention and call Lech Walesa a traitor

It was obvious to anyone watching Declan Ganley live at his conference yesterday that several of the seats in the hall and the balcony were empty. Online counters showed that only 133 people were watching on

During the morning session Polish attendees had been outraged by the appearance of Lech Walesa. Several Polish Libertas members walked out of the hall. Though Declan Ganley may not have realised what they were saying the Polish protesters who interrupted him were shouting Lech Bolek" [his codename as an alleged secret police informer] " and "traitor". see here
and here

Libertas leader and party planners have proved that not only do they NOT have their fingers on the pulse of Europe with their vison of a far right European Union, they do not even have their fingers on the pulse of their own party. The Polish branch of Libertas is among the most far right branches in Europe.

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