Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ganley attempts to muzzle Irish media again. Voters will show him what they think of his fake law actions on June 5th

Prime Time is sued by Ganley

The Libertas leader and European election candidate has lodged a defamation case against RTE in the High Court

DECLAN GANLEY, an independent candidate in the European elections, has lodged a defamation case against RTE.

The Libertas leader, who is running in the North West constituency, is suing over an edition of the Prime Time Investigates show which examined his past.

The Galway-based businessman, who was interviewed on the programme, had threatened legal action soon after the show was broadcast last November. Proceedings were only issued last Tuesday in the High Court.

John McGuirk, a spokesman for Libertas, said the delay in filing papers was to “allow the lawyers to review the programme”. He claimed: “There were factual inaccuracies and things were said that were false.”

He said the case had nothing to do with the balance of the programme, which was the subject of a complaint to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission. The authority ruled in favour of RTE and said there was no evidence of editorial bias.

RTE News and Current Affairs said: “Prime Time fully stands over everything that was broadcast. We won’t comment further because it is a legal matter.”

The programme, which is still available on the RTE website, tracked Ganley’s business dealings in Latvia, Albania and America.

Opponents of Libertas have accused Ganley of making “phoney” legal threats to silence his critics. He has publicly threatened a number of politicians with legal actions after they made allegations that he is funded by the American military complex.

Last February he sued Ormand Quay Publishing, publishers of Village magazine, over an article entitled The Beginning of the End for Declan Ganley. As part of a settlement, Village agreed it should have interviewed Ganley before making serious allegations against him.

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  1. The BCC is full of FF and RTE appointees. Do you really think that they would find in favour of Ganley. Come on wake up. Get real.


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